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Love Parties

What is an Aphrodite's Love Party?



Invite your friends over to learn ways to enhance their love lives and earn credits to spice up yours! Aphrodite's Love Parties are both entertaining and educational. You'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll have a great time with your friends and you'll earn discounted and free products!

When you host an Aphrodite's Love Party with one of our ALP consultants, you are in good hands. Our presentation can be tailored to you and your guests likes. Do you like mild or wild? Just let us know, after all, it is what you and your guests want.

Your guests will love the opportunity to see, touch, taste, and smell the products before they make their purchase, and all ordering is completely confidential. 

As the hostess, you will love all of the discounted and free merchandise you will earn! 

Host a Party, Party Ideas, Bachelorette Party Ideas and much more!

Virtual Parties (Online Parties)


Don't have a location? Hard to get away? Can't find a sitter for the kids?

No worries! You can still host a party...a Virtual Party. Basically it's like an in-home party except we are online, either through Facebook Live, Skype, or a Zoom. 

You and your guests relax in the comfort of your homes in your pjs, if you wish, while you experience our awesome products through our Virtual Party. 

You and your guests will still enjoy the laughs, games, hanging out with each other through our party while learning about are great products.

And since our party is a Virtual Party you can host it any day and any time! So what are you waiting for? Book your Virtual Party today! 



We offer the following workshops

  • Fellatio Workshop
  • Burlesque
  • BDSM Workshop

Each workshop has a 10 guest minimum with a minimum fee. 

Fellatio Workshop

In our Fellatio Workshop we teach fun ways to perform fellatio on your man. 

$45 per guest ($450 minimum)

Burlesque Workshop

In our Burlesque Workshop we teach ways to explore your sensual side with  your lover. 

$45 per guest ($450 minimum) 

BDSM Workshop

In our BDSM Workshop we introduce you to the world of fetish and fantasy. This is a beginner's workshop. (Advance workshops are still being designed).

$55 per guest ($550 minimum)

Each workshop has a 10 guest minimum! You are welcome to invite more to the workshop. Each guest must be paid for prior to the workshop. All paid guests will receive a bag with all the necessary supplies for the workshop attending.

Party with Aphrodite by Hosting a Party!

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