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Frequently Asked Questions



Q) What happens at a Aphrodite's Love Party?

A) Aphrodite's is the best “Adult Night In!” One of our Independent Consultants will arrive with exclusive products to demonstrate and educate you and your guests on how to properly use them to enhance your sexual needs. After which your guests and you are encouraged to place an order. All orders are confidential and will take place in a private ordering room. As the host, you will receive free and discounted products. 

Q) What do I get for hosting an Aphrodite's Love Party?

A) As a hostess you will receive a shopping spree of up to 20% of the retail sales from your party, discounted products, and exclusive Hostess-only Specials! 

Q) Can men attend an Aphrodite's Love Party?

A) Yes! We believe that men like to have just as much fun as women. All adults over the age of 18 are welcomed at an Aphrodite's Love Party. 

Q) Can my guest bring her newborn to the party? 

A) NO! All Aphrodite's Love Parties are for adults only! No one under the age of 18 can be in attendance at one of our parties: this includes infants/newborns and toddlers. It is the LAW! 

Q) How much does it cost to host an Aphrodite's Love Party?

A) Aphrodite's Love Parties are free to host; however, there is a refundable* deposit due when booking a party. 

Q) How discreet are the purchases made at my party? 

A) Privacy is of the most utmost importance to Aphrodite's Love Parties.  All purchases take place in a separate private area/room from where you and your guests will be partying. All orders are shipped directly to each person in a discreet package. 

Q) What if someone can not attend my party, can they order online?

A) Yes! Your Aphrodite's Love Parties Independent Consultant will provide you with your unique web address. Just be sure to tell your guests to add your name to the order and those sales are added to your party totals!

Q) Do we receive our products the night of the party or will our orders be mailed to us? 

A) Each of Independent Consultants run their business differently; some might have products available the night of your party, while others might not carry product on hand. If your order has to be mailed we ask that you give us up to 14 days after the close of the party to receive your orders. However, it will be much faster than that. 

*Q) How do I get my deposit refunded?

*A) Your party must meet the party qualification requirement in order to receive a refund. 

     For an Aphrodite's Love Party that is In-Home 

          $400+ party sales total

           2 parties booked 

           Party closes the same night it is held

           Party held on original date

     For an Online Aphrodite's Love Parties

          $250+ in party sales totals

           1 party booked

           Party closes that same night it is held

           Party held on original date

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